Xamarin.Forms – Which tools do you use?

If you’re developing cross-platform applications using Xamarin.Forms then you’re likely to be using either Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac (as an aside, if you’re new to Xamarin.Forms you can get the tools you need for free, so don’t feel you need to go out and purchase the professional version of Visual Studio!). The … Continue reading “Xamarin.Forms – Which tools do you use?”

Repacking and Resigning an Android APK to Target Different Environments

In my previous post talking about targeting different environments I ended with the proposition that what we need to be able to do as part of the release pipeline for an app is to adjust the configuration file that’s included in the app package. In this post I’m going to manually walk through what this … Continue reading “Repacking and Resigning an Android APK to Target Different Environments”

How to Support Multiple Environments in your Mobile Application?

Whether you’re developing an Android app in Kotlin, a cross-platform app in Flutter or Xamarin Forms, or an Xbox app in C#/XAML, supporting multiple environments when building an app, is just not as easy as it should be. For example the different environments might be dev, test, staging, prodution etc to align with your dev, … Continue reading “How to Support Multiple Environments in your Mobile Application?”

MVVM Navigation with Xamarin.Forms Shell – Part II

Following my previous post on Mvvm Navigation with Xmarin.Forms Shell there were a few things that I felt I hadn’t addressed adequately. Loading Data on Appearing The first thing is how to load data when navigating to a page, and perhaps to do something when the user navigates away from the page. Since it’s the … Continue reading “MVVM Navigation with Xamarin.Forms Shell – Part II”

Apple Introduces SwiftUI; So What?

Shortly after Apple announced SwiftUI a twitter thread erupted discussing a hypothetical Sharp UI. It was positioned an alternative for declarative ui development, across Xamarin applications in C# or F#. If Apple has SwiftUI, perhaps we’ll Microsoft rollout # UI (Sharp UI) for as a new method for building user interfaces in @xamarinhq apps with … Continue reading “Apple Introduces SwiftUI; So What?”