Building a Roadmap for Windows Development

If you’re a developer that builds apps using .NET for Windows you’ll be familiar with Microsoft’s attempts to deliver a better developer story. Unfortunately this usually involves learning a new, typically under-baked, technology that in theory will make it easy to deliver better apps for Windows. Whether this was the jump from WinForms to WPF … Continue reading “Building a Roadmap for Windows Development”

Using ImageSharp in your WinUI – Uno Cross Platform App

This post originated from a tweet demonstrating how easily you can use the ImageSharp library in a Blazor server side app to generate images. In this post I’ll show how we can reuse the same code plus WinUI+Uno to generate images for iOS, Android, Windows (Desktop+UWP) and Web (WASM) I figured it’d be easy enough … Continue reading “Using ImageSharp in your WinUI – Uno Cross Platform App”

Building an Android app with .NET 6

Firstly, the news – Microsoft has made preview 1 of .NET 6 available. Make sure you checkout the long blog post that gives background on what’s coming in .NET 6 and what’s shipped in the preview. Setup Next, grab the bits and get ready to build an Android app using .NET 6. Make sure you … Continue reading “Building an Android app with .NET 6”

WinUI 3.0 Debugging Tooling with Visual Studio

Preview 4 of WinUI3.0 dropped recently and if you want to get started you’ll need the preview of Visual Studio and the WinUI project templates. One of the things I noticed was that some of the tool windows I was used to from UWP weren’t working as I expected. I recall hearing that Microsoft had … Continue reading “WinUI 3.0 Debugging Tooling with Visual Studio”

How to Upgrade a UWP Application to WinUI 3.0

As we get close to preview 4 of WinUI 3.0 (it’s Feb 2021 already so where’s my WinUI preview4!), now’s the time to start looking at how you’re going to upgrade your UWP application to WinUI3.0. In this post we’ll look at a migration approach that will allow you to keep your UWP app running … Continue reading “How to Upgrade a UWP Application to WinUI 3.0”

Changing Taskbar Icon for Applications on Windows 10

After installing both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Preview I ran into the issue that when I pinned both to the taskbar, I didn’t know which was which. If I hovered over the icon, the tooltip indicated that the one on the right is Visual Studio 2019 Preview but I wanted a quicker way to … Continue reading “Changing Taskbar Icon for Applications on Windows 10”